Eight Is Great

At Braces Braces Braces, we follow the American Association of Orthodontist’s recommendation that your child should see an orthodontist by age 8. In fact, it’s our “8 is Great” philosophy that helps us lay the foundation for a long-lasting partnership with you and your child.

So, why do we recommend you bring your child to see us when they’re 8 years old?

  • Most facial growth can be manipulated for a straighter smile beginning at age eight.
  • A simple appliance now could prevent the need for a complicated or expensive appliance in the future.
  • We may be able to decrease the amount of time your child wears braces. They’ll thank you later!

Partnering with us will give you the peace of mind that your child will grow up to have a beautiful and confident smile.

Remember, your initial consultation is FREE! And, all follow-up exams are FREE!*
* Until your child receives his or her first orthodontic appliance.

What does the COVID-19 vaccine mean for your orthodontic care?

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