Hear from our patients

Sometimes, the best way to learn about braces is to talk to someone who’s had them. The patients of BracesBracesBraces are excited to share their stories of orthodontic success and how our doctors and staff made all the difference!

Good knowing I’m gonna have a great smile!!

Austin H.

I love braces braces braces they really know what there doing and my teeth are looking good!

Karyna G.

You guys are super nice! You are careful when you work on my teeth and you are quick.

Curtis P.

Really professional and clean. Liking the experience so far and love the rewards program.

Ciara G.

I really love going here!!!

Kendrick P.

Great staff. Never a long wait. Very informative and patient with my child.

Brittany M.

Why do you need to wear a retainer after your braces come off?

Many patients wonder why they are told to wear a retainer after their braces have been removed. After all, weren’t the braces there to straighten your teeth? That’s why it’s important to understand the purpose and benefits of retainers, and how the success of your overall treatment depends on your commitment to wearing one.  What […]

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