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Kentucky Doctors

Dr. Bednar

Dr. Bednar loves “saving the world from crooked teeth!” With his trademark smile that never seems to disappear, Dr. B (as his patients and staff call him) loves rolling up his sleeves and working with patients to help them achieve the perfect smile. READ MORE

Dr. Chandiramani

Dr. Raina Chandiramani was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. She went to school at Kentucky Country Day as a child. After high school, she received her bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from Columbia University. When she completed her undergraduate studies, she applied and was accepted into dental school at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Finally, she finished her orthodontic residency at the University of Louisville in 2018. READ MORE

Dr. Engilman

Dr. Engilman frequently pulls up to the office on his motorcycle, ready to start the day. He’s always excited to see his patients and continue the progress of their beautiful smiles, and come to a job he loves every day. READ MORE

Dr. Gioia

Dr. Gioia (pronounced Joy-A) grew up in Valparaiso and earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame, where he played football for the Fighting Irish! READ MORE

Dr. Jensen

Dr. Jensen is passionate about Orthodontics. What she enjoys the most is forming a lifelong relationship with her patients and creating the perfect smile. READ MORE


Dr. Jacquie Nickele’s favorite thing about being an orthodontist is building relationships with her patients and their parents.READ MORE

Dr. Parker

Dr. December Parker, DMD, comes to us all the way from Benton, KY. She moved to the Louisville, KY area to go to college at the University of Louisville. READ MORE

Dr. Woods

Dr. Woods is the first to arrive at the office each day, wearing that signature smile that he is so well known for. His constant smile, along with his humble demeanor, makes patients instantly comfortable with him. READ MORE

Dr. Zervas

Dr. Zervas says one of the best parts of orthodontics is the opportunity to get to know her patients and their families while creating exceptional smiles and improving self esteem. She understands the importance of taking the time to answer questions and make the office a fun and relaxed environment. Dr. Zervas prides herself on making parents feel involved and kids to feel engaged. READ MORE


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