My Child’s First Dental Visit

A child’s first dental visit should be scheduled by their first birthday. The most important part of the visit is getting to know and becoming comfortable with the dentist and their staff. A pleasant, comfortable first visit builds trust and helps put the child at ease during future dental visits. If possible, allow the child to sit in a parent’s lap in the exam room. Children should be encouraged to discuss any fears or anxiety they feel.

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What Makes Kid’s Dentistree Different?

At Kid’s Dentistree, kid’s dental care is all we do! We are a kid focused dental practice that is rooted in establishing healthy dental habits and healthy patient / dentist relationships for children at a young age. Most dental fear comes from one bad experience, and we aim to change that. At Kid’s Dentistree, we work to make dental visits for kids fun. When you come into one of our practices, you will find bright, inviting colors, games, toys, movies and dental equipment all made especially for kids!

At Kid’s Dentistree, we know it takes a lot of trust as a parent when dental treatment is being performed. It is natural to worry about how your child will react to the experience. In most cases, as long as it is in the best interest of the patient, we encourage parents to come back to the treatment room with their child. There are times however, when patients respond better to treatment when mom and dad are not around. If our team feels like that is the case, we will discuss it with the parent and keep them updated on how the appointment is going!

What To Expect On Your First Visit

At Kid’s Dentistree, each of our office is designed to make kids feel at ease about visiting the dentist. That is why we offer movie, toys, games and coloring books for our patients, and any other children that may come with them to an appointment. We believe that by helping children feel comfortable at the dentist at an early age, we can help alleviate fear of the dentist and dental work. We believe this is vital to establishing a lifetime of healthy dental habits.


For parents, we try to make a trip to the dentist easy. Not only for your children, but for you too!

When you come to your first appointment at Kid’s Dentistree, you will be welcomed upon your arrival. You will receive the new patient paperwork to be filled out on behalf of your child from one of our friendly Business Assistants. Your child will be invited to watch a movie playing in the waiting room or to play with any of the toys available.

After the necessary paperwork is completed, your child will be called back to be seen by the dentist. Typically, on the first visit, you will be invited to come back with your child. Our Dentists and Dental Assistants will engage with your child while the appointment is going on, explaining in an easy to understand what, what he / she is doing and getting to know your child. After the appointment, one of our team members will go over with you any additional steps you or your child should take, and schedule the next follow up visit!


As a kid coming to Kid’s Dentistree, you will notice one thing when you get here: it is a fun place to be! With fun movies, toys, bright colors and a lot to explore, you will be able to find something fun to do while you wait for your dental appointment.

When it is time to see the dentist, one of our Team Members will come get your from the waiting room and take you to our kid friendly, kid-sized dental area. The dental chairs and everything the dentist needs to check your teeth are made just for kids! This will help you get comfortable during your visit! Also to help you get comfortable, we offer blankets, sun glasses, and some of our dentists have even been known to paint a patients nails if he / she would like!

After the dentist has taken a look at your teeth and polished them clean, they will go over with you how to take care of your teeth at home, and set up a time for you to come back and see us again!