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In the orthodontic offices of Braces Braces Braces, we’ve already changed the way kids think about getting braces. Now, we’re here to make your orthodontic experience fun on the web, too! Check out the links below to see some cool things to do before and after your orthodontic treatment.


Braces Color Selector

Make a statement with your mouth! This cool online tool will help you decide what neat colored bands to get on your braces. Be creative and have fun!

Visit the color selector


Yummy Recipes

Sherbet and smoothies and shakes, oh my! If you’ve recently had braces put in, here are some fun recipes that will soothe your mouth.

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Facebook Contest Rules

We are often running a fun contest or event on Facebook! Click below for a PDF of our Facebook contest rules, or click here to go directly to our Facebook page and see what’s happening!

View our Facebook contest rules

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