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    University of Louisville School of Dentistry

    Dr. Woods is the first to arrive at the office each day, wearing that signature smile that he is so well known for. His constant smile, along with his humble demeanor, makes patients instantly comfortable with him. All of these factors contribute to the atmosphere of his office, which is always fun and playful while remaining very attentive to the needs of his patients.

    As a native of South Carolina, Dr. Woods attended Clemson University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences. Although he had always been interested in dentistry, he wasn’t sure what career path he wanted to pursue. His love for children led him to take a full-time position with the local YMCA that he had spent the previous summers working at. Over that next year, it became obvious to him what path he should take. Once decided, Dr. Woods applied for and began dental school at the University of Louisville and had earned his degree by 2003. After completing a yearlong residency in hospital dentistry at the University of Louisville Hospital, he decided to continue with his education to specialize in orthodontics. By 2007, his many years of schooling were finally complete and he was ready to begin putting his education to use. Dr. Woods joined the practice in June of 2007.

    It is always a huge compliment to hear that patients love coming to the office. Parents have joked that their children make up excuses just to hang out at the office with Dr. Woods and his staff. His energy is contagious and, although he seems shy, he can frequently be heard singing or may even be caught in a dance move. His dedication to his patients remains incomparable. The beauty of his treatment is the proactive role patients are encouraged to take in their treatment by discussing openly any concerns they may have. Dr. Woods realizes that each patient requires individual treatment. He may meet these people as patients, but they leave as friends.

    Outer Loop
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    Louisville, KY 40219
    (502) 961-0351