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    Myofunctional Therapy

    Offered solely at our Texas practices, myofunctional therapy involves training the muscles in the face and mouth to help with mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, and incorrect swallowing. This form of therapy can improve problems relating to sleep-disordered breathing and growth disorders by addressing functional issues using myofunctional oral appliances.

    How do I know if I need myofunctional therapy? 

    If your tongue rests between the upper and lower teeth and not on the roof of the mouth, you may be a mouth breather and have a tongue thrust. This means you may be pushing on your teeth when you swallow which can make them crooked or prevent them from getting straight even after braces have been put on. We have a complete diagnostic process that helps identify any disorders.

    Can I receive myofunctional therapy in conjunction with my orthodontic journey?

    Yes! You can receive this therapy during your orthodontic journey, whether you have braces or clear aligners. 

    Do you think you could benefit from myofunctional therapy? Schedule your consultation today with Dr. Shah at any of our BracesBracesBraces Texas locations to learn more!

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