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Middletown, Kentucky Office

BracesBracesBraces in Middletown opened it’s doors in 2001 as the first BracesBracesBraces office.   The first BracesBracesBraces orthodontist, Dr. Will Engilman, is still with the practice today. With years of experience, our team enjoys working together to provide a fun and enjoyable appointment for each of our patients. We like to call our patients our friends, as that is what they and their families become to us over their treatment time. Located in the heart of Middletown, we love to get involved in our community and the many schools that surround our office.

Our Doctors at Middletown



Dr Gioia Dixie Highway

Dr. Gioia

One of the main things Dr. Gioia loves about being an orthodontist is building relationships with patients and their families. Dr Gioia says that it’s fun to see patients grow into young adults throughout their treatment. He also feels that seeing his patients’ beautiful new smiles the day braces come off is extremely rewarding!

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Dr Engilman Middletown Kentucky

Dr. Engilman

Dr. Engilman frequently pulls up to the office on his motorcycle, ready to start the day. He’s always excited to see his patients and continue the progress of their beautiful smiles, and come to a job he loves every day. While Dr. Engilman was perfecting his “techno-geek” abilities with a computer science and mathematics undergraduate degree, he could have never guessed he’d become the cool doctor of braces he is today. But soon after marrying his beautiful wife, Dena, in 1990, she suggested dental school was proposed to him. He was attending the University of Louisville when they had their first child, Brooke, in 1994. As his passion for orthodontics grew, Dr. Engilman decided to move his family east and attend the University of North Carolina for three more years of studies, where his daughter Emma was born on Halloween in 1998.

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Visit us at Middletown

134 N Evergreen Rd
Middletown, KY 40243
Phone: (502) 253-2201
M, T, TH: 9am-5pm (Lunch 1-2pm)
W: 12:30pm-5pm
Friday: 8am-12:30pm

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